Unexpected Happiness

Friday, 6 May 2016

Sweet truth and ugly Lie

Truth is Sweet and Lie is ugly, 

A Truth may be as harsh as it could be but in the end it will leave only sweetness not immediately but definitely one day. 

A Lie may save you but in the end it will leave broken relations and unmanageable Life.

We should keep a practice of speaking truth and teaching our kids to follow the path of Truthfulness.

My family's financial condition was not good and we were facing serious money problems from past 8 months. I used to hardly go anywhere and with anyone in order to avoid any extra expenses. I saved some money which was hidden from everyone else and it was only for unexpected bad times.

My cousin was going on shopping and she asked me to join as she wanted to buy expensive stuff and she needed expert advice on it. I could not really say No to her and I joined her.

We went to buy a diamond necklace for her and we were just checking out the good stuff. We choose two sets for her and while proceeding towards the billing counter we saw a small diamond ring kept there.