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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Unspoken Promises

Today I am just thinking about the promises people made to me and how many times they kept it. For me a Promise means a lot no matter that promise was just on a small thing or big. Any promise registers my mind and keeps the space empty in it and fills it with beautiful memories and emotions when the promise was kept. And at this moment I don't want to discuss about broken promises because for me "A Promise should always be kept!!!" And the fact is those who care they always keep promises.
My phone is ringing.. Hmm some unknown number.. Let me pick it 
Ahhh I just forgot to pay my credit card bill and this was the reminder call for payment. I broke the promise of on time payment. Remember when we need to submit documents and we put our signature on few papers while applying for a new credit card ? Does that only check our identify and income ? There is hidden promise which we completely ignore and that is ON TIME PAYMENT of our bills.
They remind us to pay our bills if we have crossed a certain date then if we act our promise is kept. If we ignore they offer us some penalty and by doing that we can still keep our promises.Then also if we ignore DUDE you are in trouble they will be just behind us and our relationship with the Bank is screwed!!!But if we keep our promises we definitely get perks for it and even if we don't get we are out of debt. 
So here the point they reminded me and I immediately acted on it because I want my credit card and it is important to me. I acted because I wanted to, Otherwise I will ignore it. I will do it later.
Guess the same way we can define our personal relationship and some unspoken promises which were never so obvious to us until they reminded us. But after we know it , it is completely our wish to act on it or ignore it. 
At some point in life everything is based on necessity and priority let it be any relation. When we get married we sign on papers and many unspoken but obvious promises come with it. When we become parents we not only sign on our child's birth certificate but we sing on promises. 
We make many unspoken promises to our loved ones and sometimes they are not even clear to us at that time but when some one reminds us , its all in our own hands to act on it and to deny it. 
Every time we deny to something it takes the other person a lot of courage to come one step ahead and ask for the next try. Again if we deny and keep on denying it that gives a message which we either wanted or we were not aware of.
So , i completely twisted my credit card bill payment to relationships and promises. Does that make sense ??  
Hope the message is communicated !!!Maintain a Good and Healthy Life.
Stay Happy and Spread the Happiness!!! 
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