Unexpected Happiness

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Spooky Experience!

Dear reader have you ever had a spooky experience that creeped you out? One where you knew it was true but you know that no one else will believe you?
Let me share an experience that happened to me once while i was very young. Long ago i heard tales about the mystics and i was curious to explore it. Were all the stories i heard all true? I had to find out!
Thereafter after following up on some hearsay and rumors i went on a trip with my siblings to a small ashram located in the middle of the field at the pitch of night in central India.
The road was pretty rough leading up to the place, no signs of much civilization around for atleast three miles around until finally we arrived at the place we were looking to find.
There was a temple of sorts with an eerie presence to it with a lot of people gathered and smoking weed and playing drums.
I felt a cold chill down my spine as i looked around the courtyard.. Right in the middle was a peepul tree standing majestically yet with a haunting look to it with its silver leaves and trunk. The head priest or sadhu as they are called asked me to sit up in front near him alongside a middle aged woman who seemed rather distressed. The sadhu spoke in length to her about her troubles and she said she didn't know or understand why she felt so depressed in her life... Suddenly the priest shouted certain words and pressed his thumb to her forehead and recited some mantras! i was awestruck by what i witnessed next.. the woman screamed and ran around the courtyard frantically!
In my head i had a surge of thoughts "How can this be real? she MUST be faking it. this is a sham!"
while i juggled these thoughts all doubts and disbelief came to an end when i saw the woman scale the giant tree vertically!
The woman being as hefty and aged as she was ran straight up! i was disillusioned by the sight with my mouth gaping open!
"How is this possible? This defies belief!" came to my mind along with all the others that were bearing witness to what was transpiring.
The woman hung upside down by her feet on a branch for about an hour before finally three sadhus pulled her down.
They spoke certain words and sprinkled water on her face until she snapped to. And this woman didn't seem to remember anything about what had just transpired for the past hour. She seemed quite chirpy and happy as she smiled for the first time that night.
Behind me an aged man was quietly watching with his eyes wide open... This man seemed a bit familiar with his mustache and grey beard and turban. I went closer to see and i immediately recognized it was a man named Gurpreet who knew my folks from my old neighborhood.
I went up and said hello and asked if he saw what i was seeing. He quietly nodded his head while his eyes were fixated on the woman who had now come to her senses. I told him i was shocked by what i witnessed and that how any of this could be real...
He looked at me and exclaimed "that woman is my wife.. i brought her here to be cured and this is the first time after 2 years i have seen her smile"

An episode of my life which left my mouth agape and shell shocked. a truly mystifying experience!

Please share your comments or similar stories as such if you have any :)