Unexpected Happiness

Monday, 25 April 2016

A child in my mind

I still remember all the scoldings and screams I used to get from my mother when I used to do any faults. I used to hate her reactions for my faults so most of the time I used to hide it. And whenever I was caught her anger used to get double.

Today I am 35 years old and unfortunately my mother is not with me. She departed many years ago and I it was the biggest lost for me. Today I am mother of three kids and I scream them too but whenever I revisit my childhood that child in my mind still says Why I was tortured this much.

My son Ishan he is the naughtiest one and he keeps me engage. Few days back I just taught him how to read a news paper. He is just 26 months old so he cannot read it really, but yeah he pretends nicely as he is the smartest. Sometimes he follows his grandfather and asks me tea and biscuits while reading the news paper. My baby son does not even know how to hold it properly but yeah he is learning I am happy.

Ishan just called me Mumma ... Mummaaaa ....

I am too tired to read this newspaper can you read it for me ?? Oh Why not son I will.

Mumma read this page he turned the news paper and torn half of the page still he is telling me to read it.

Okay baby I will read it for you.

Read it louder. Ishan said.

Okay Sir ...!!!!

I looked at the newspaper and saw it was a news about someone getting hanged and I cannot read it in front of my kiddo. I just diverted his mind from newspaper. When you are a parent the important skill you need is to divert your kids mind from one place to another. I just kept the newspaper on my couch and took him to our balcony where he can see crows.

It is the time now for the other two kids to come from school so I have to make Ishan sleep now for sometime. I gave food to both of them and then they started sharing what has happened to them in school whole day.

The only time I get free in whole day is when Ishan is sleeping and Riah and Aarav are at their hobby classes at 5 o'clock. So I just dropped then and came home I just relaxed and closed my eyes for sometime.

My hands just went on the newspaper which was in Ishan's hand I just took it off and started reading the page which he told me to. This was very strange article which I really cannot believe.  A criminal who was caught in bank robbery killed her mother in frustration.

This was his interview before hanging him.

He said first time he was caught when he theft his teachers pen. He was very nervous and scared when his mother was called to school but she fought with the teacher badly made that teacher say that pen was her child's. He was happy he got the pen and his family supported him.

This  was the first time he tried thieving and he was successful plus he got support from his mother on the same act. His father was also a criminal but he used to stay with his maternal uncles and family and they had provided him a good environment school , food and everything. But his mother kept on supporting him for all his mistakes and he said at last because she always supported me I always went a step ahead and doubled my faults.

I became a criminal and I reached here. Even when I grew i knew that I have chooses a wrong path but I had no mode of survival.

He had a family and a son and he along with his wife , son and mother they used to stay together.
Same incident happens when his son was caught in school when he stole someone's Pencil box. My mother this time again went to school and made that person a liar and My son won. I just went back to my past and I just remembered my first mistake which made me this. I always had this anger why I became like this but I could do nothing about it , But I could not see my son becoming the same. I wanted to save my son from learning anything from me as well as  I wanted my mother to stay away from him so that she cannot make another me. I just killed the person who never stopped me doing wrong things. I killed her for my son's future. He said.

I was just stunned after reading that article . My anger for my scolding all went out from my mother and I just thanked her to give me this beautiful life and making me this.

Please share your experiences on the same if you have any. I would really appropriate your comments / suggestions on my post.

Till then Be Happy And Spread it Because Happiness is a Virus and It Spreads too fast!!!!

Thank you!!!!