Unexpected Happiness

Monday, 28 March 2016

Little penny

A moment of joy and happiness when it is least expected gives us more pleasure. 

Today is a normal day like any other day for me same old routine. I woke up late as usual feeling very lazy and annoyed As usual. Every morning I wake up I know I have to go to office break my head for complete 8 hours I start feeling lazy about that. Plus today is 28th of month this makes me realize how important is my carrier when I see my bank account. It is empty and I have just enough money to buy petrol for three more days and reach office. The only thing which encourages me to work is my poor bank account, if you don't loose all your wealth nothing will ever make me to wake up early and reach office of course not on time.

haha Jokes apart we all love working , and we all should not because of money but for yourself. And it is true once you start earning you will never count your penny until it is End Of Month. No matter how big is your salary digit at end of month every one is same we all have only little penny left to survive.

Why I am talking about money by the way I have to go to office so today I decided to take my old handbag which I retired years ago. Hmm let me get ready first then I will arrange my handbag at last.
After getting ready I just picked my Identity card , my eyes means my spectacles and the little penny left for petrol and I left.

oh.. wait wait wait..I forgot to take my keys and again entered back home. I took my keys and kept in my handbag , I checked my handbag I found a yellow envelope. I really do not remember how this envelope came in my handbag. I opened the envelope and few photographs slipped off my hand , these were those pictures I clicked once and I took hard copies of it.

Photographs always make us smile and reminds us the moment when and how it was clicked. I checked all the pictures and then I opened the envelope to keep all the pictures safely. Oh My Gosh ...Two thousand rupees notes!!! How it came here? Ahh  I remembered the day I collected these pictures I forgot my wallet and I kept the money along with these photographs in this envelope.
This is a small smile in my today's busy day.

Be Positive and STAY HAPPY!!!
Thanks for reading. I request you to please share you experiences too on this blog and share your smile moment with us.

Thank you!