Unexpected Happiness

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Last seen

Amanda and Francis were in a relationship from past 6 years. They used to be very fond of each other and they used to meet each other every evening while returning from work. Amanda was working as a Kindergarten teacher so she used to be busy whole day and Francis work was related with machinery and tools he was an engineer. He used to commute a long distance as his factory was a little out of town. They had a fixed place to meet up every evening and after spending few hours they used to go to a common friends place for dinner. Annabel used to prepare dinner for 20 people and this was her business , she used to run this small hotel in her garden and as she used to cook and serve herself so the number of people were countable. Annabel was running this business at home because of her grandma , who was very old and she needed all time care.

Amanda , Francis and Annabel were school mates. They used to visit each other's family very often and their houses were too close and in the same locality. They knew everything about each other and they shared the same tragedy.They knew each other from their dusk to dawn Though they used to be the most closest friends of all time they used to hesitate talking to each other upfront.Specially Francis he used to make reasons and step out.

One day Francis decided that when he and Amanda are so much in love its better to get married and spend all the time together and enough of meeting outside and eating Annabel food. He used to little hesitate every time when he used to go for dinner with Amanda at her place. He had always maintained a little distance in between them. So he decided to propose Amanda for marriage today.
It was late night so he thought not to call Amanda as she will walk down to her drawing room to receive the phone. It was 1889 and all that people could afford was a base phone in their drawing room for communication with the outer world.

Francis waited desperately till morning and he could not sleep whole night thinking how she would react on this. Though he already knew the answer but his inside desperation was making him more nervous. Having all these thoughts in his mind he slept in the morning at 5.00 am. Next day morning he could not wake up on time and he missed his office bus. He had to wait whole day to meet her beloved girl friend to propose her. Something came in his mind and thought till then he go and visit Amanda's house it might be possible she might be at home.

He dressed up nicely picked a flower from his garden and went straight to her house. With all his excitements and love and practicing the dialogues which he prepared last night to prose her he reached her home.When he reach there he saw a guy opening her house and entering. He had Amanda's key with him he knew the little teddy key chain she used to keep with her for her house keys. This means this man is not a thief and Amanda has given him these keys. Francis kept on watching what this man is doing here and all off a sudden he decided to leave this place. The guy who went inside Amanda's House also came outside with a sticky note in his hand. He closed the door and put that note on door. He left after that , Francis was getting very panic and angry why this man has got her house keys and what message he has left for Amanda here.

He went near the door and opened the sticky note and started reading it.

"Please come at meet me at below address Amanda"
"21 park View Near Christ Church"

Francis got so much angry on her that she has been dating this man and he is leaving this message for her. He just left from there and felt a little good about his decision to first visit her house. he threw the flower which he picked for her at her door and just left.

This was the last time he saw Amanda......

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