Unexpected Happiness

Monday, 28 March 2016

A day in the life.

I'd like to think its soothing to float away to a world of your own where you are the architect of your visions making it a reality.
Can accomplish every feat and missed opportunities and right every wrong you did. Envision yourself as your mind sees fit... a nice visage.
A silent dripping noise mid slumber is both tranquil and annoying at the same time. Woke me up at 5 nonetheless from my trance giving me a rude
wake up call back as my reverie ended... bringing me back to the real world. How i do hate that sensation!

Went for a run on my usual beat while taking in fresh air and gazing at the stars between pauses. 
how small we are in the grand schemes of the universe i pondered.
From the tiniest atom to the largest of galaxies each molecule always at work so constant and tireless.
I feel my worries and troubles fade as looking at the stars always gives peace and a sense of realization to the soul.

Shortly after was a time for myself to return to my everyday three B's as i called em. Brush, Bathe and Breakfast time!
I played some of my favorite tracks on my way to work Neil Young's "Horse with no name" seemed fitting to boot.
The kid's seemed happy today as the day was shiny and bright. Always refreshing interacting with bright new minds which are always ready to learn and be filled with new knowledge. A feeling of satisfaction fills my being as i see myself ready to bestow new knowledge each day to those willing to learn from my experience. Like an artist who is ready to create on a fresh canvas..
The folks with their happy smiles take the kids home thereafter as i see them off with a content smile.

As the morning slips to noon and the noon slips into the night. I find myself back home unwinding and reflecting on the day passed.
I look back upon the day in a positive light as i fade away in my den recuperating for the upcoming day ahead.
All the while realizing father time never stops as he's always moving and always constant as he brings about change and i see and think of all the same
just as the saying goes "The world truly is your own Oyster".
I'd like to think "she" thought of it as well.

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