Unexpected Happiness

Friday, 6 May 2016

Sweet truth and ugly Lie

Truth is Sweet and Lie is ugly, 

A Truth may be as harsh as it could be but in the end it will leave only sweetness not immediately but definitely one day. 

A Lie may save you but in the end it will leave broken relations and unmanageable Life.

We should keep a practice of speaking truth and teaching our kids to follow the path of Truthfulness.

My family's financial condition was not good and we were facing serious money problems from past 8 months. I used to hardly go anywhere and with anyone in order to avoid any extra expenses. I saved some money which was hidden from everyone else and it was only for unexpected bad times.

My cousin was going on shopping and she asked me to join as she wanted to buy expensive stuff and she needed expert advice on it. I could not really say No to her and I joined her.

We went to buy a diamond necklace for her and we were just checking out the good stuff. We choose two sets for her and while proceeding towards the billing counter we saw a small diamond ring kept there. 

Monday, 25 April 2016

A child in my mind

I still remember all the scoldings and screams I used to get from my mother when I used to do any faults. I used to hate her reactions for my faults so most of the time I used to hide it. And whenever I was caught her anger used to get double.

Today I am 35 years old and unfortunately my mother is not with me. She departed many years ago and I it was the biggest lost for me. Today I am mother of three kids and I scream them too but whenever I revisit my childhood that child in my mind still says Why I was tortured this much.

My son Ishan he is the naughtiest one and he keeps me engage. Few days back I just taught him how to read a news paper. He is just 26 months old so he cannot read it really, but yeah he pretends nicely as he is the smartest. Sometimes he follows his grandfather and asks me tea and biscuits while reading the news paper. My baby son does not even know how to hold it properly but yeah he is learning I am happy.

Ishan just called me Mumma ... Mummaaaa ....

I am too tired to read this newspaper can you read it for me ?? Oh Why not son I will.

Mumma read this page he turned the news paper and torn half of the page still he is telling me to read it.

Okay baby I will read it for you.

Read it louder. Ishan said.

Okay Sir ...!!!!

I looked at the newspaper and saw it was a news about someone getting hanged and I cannot read it in front of my kiddo. I just diverted his mind from newspaper. When you are a parent the important skill you need is to divert your kids mind from one place to another. I just kept the newspaper on my couch and took him to our balcony where he can see crows.

It is the time now for the other two kids to come from school so I have to make Ishan sleep now for sometime. I gave food to both of them and then they started sharing what has happened to them in school whole day.

The only time I get free in whole day is when Ishan is sleeping and Riah and Aarav are at their hobby classes at 5 o'clock. So I just dropped then and came home I just relaxed and closed my eyes for sometime.

My hands just went on the newspaper which was in Ishan's hand I just took it off and started reading the page which he told me to. This was very strange article which I really cannot believe.  A criminal who was caught in bank robbery killed her mother in frustration.

This was his interview before hanging him.

He said first time he was caught when he theft his teachers pen. He was very nervous and scared when his mother was called to school but she fought with the teacher badly made that teacher say that pen was her child's. He was happy he got the pen and his family supported him.

This  was the first time he tried thieving and he was successful plus he got support from his mother on the same act. His father was also a criminal but he used to stay with his maternal uncles and family and they had provided him a good environment school , food and everything. But his mother kept on supporting him for all his mistakes and he said at last because she always supported me I always went a step ahead and doubled my faults.

I became a criminal and I reached here. Even when I grew i knew that I have chooses a wrong path but I had no mode of survival.

He had a family and a son and he along with his wife , son and mother they used to stay together.
Same incident happens when his son was caught in school when he stole someone's Pencil box. My mother this time again went to school and made that person a liar and My son won. I just went back to my past and I just remembered my first mistake which made me this. I always had this anger why I became like this but I could do nothing about it , But I could not see my son becoming the same. I wanted to save my son from learning anything from me as well as  I wanted my mother to stay away from him so that she cannot make another me. I just killed the person who never stopped me doing wrong things. I killed her for my son's future. He said.

I was just stunned after reading that article . My anger for my scolding all went out from my mother and I just thanked her to give me this beautiful life and making me this.

Please share your experiences on the same if you have any. I would really appropriate your comments / suggestions on my post.

Till then Be Happy And Spread it Because Happiness is a Virus and It Spreads too fast!!!!

Thank you!!!!

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Spooky Experience!

Dear reader have you ever had a spooky experience that creeped you out? One where you knew it was true but you know that no one else will believe you?
Let me share an experience that happened to me once while i was very young. Long ago i heard tales about the mystics and i was curious to explore it. Were all the stories i heard all true? I had to find out!
Thereafter after following up on some hearsay and rumors i went on a trip with my siblings to a small ashram located in the middle of the field at the pitch of night in central India.
The road was pretty rough leading up to the place, no signs of much civilization around for atleast three miles around until finally we arrived at the place we were looking to find.
There was a temple of sorts with an eerie presence to it with a lot of people gathered and smoking weed and playing drums.
I felt a cold chill down my spine as i looked around the courtyard.. Right in the middle was a peepul tree standing majestically yet with a haunting look to it with its silver leaves and trunk. The head priest or sadhu as they are called asked me to sit up in front near him alongside a middle aged woman who seemed rather distressed. The sadhu spoke in length to her about her troubles and she said she didn't know or understand why she felt so depressed in her life... Suddenly the priest shouted certain words and pressed his thumb to her forehead and recited some mantras! i was awestruck by what i witnessed next.. the woman screamed and ran around the courtyard frantically!
In my head i had a surge of thoughts "How can this be real? she MUST be faking it. this is a sham!"
while i juggled these thoughts all doubts and disbelief came to an end when i saw the woman scale the giant tree vertically!
The woman being as hefty and aged as she was ran straight up! i was disillusioned by the sight with my mouth gaping open!
"How is this possible? This defies belief!" came to my mind along with all the others that were bearing witness to what was transpiring.
The woman hung upside down by her feet on a branch for about an hour before finally three sadhus pulled her down.
They spoke certain words and sprinkled water on her face until she snapped to. And this woman didn't seem to remember anything about what had just transpired for the past hour. She seemed quite chirpy and happy as she smiled for the first time that night.
Behind me an aged man was quietly watching with his eyes wide open... This man seemed a bit familiar with his mustache and grey beard and turban. I went closer to see and i immediately recognized it was a man named Gurpreet who knew my folks from my old neighborhood.
I went up and said hello and asked if he saw what i was seeing. He quietly nodded his head while his eyes were fixated on the woman who had now come to her senses. I told him i was shocked by what i witnessed and that how any of this could be real...
He looked at me and exclaimed "that woman is my wife.. i brought her here to be cured and this is the first time after 2 years i have seen her smile"

An episode of my life which left my mouth agape and shell shocked. a truly mystifying experience!

Please share your comments or similar stories as such if you have any :)

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Unspoken Promises

Today I am just thinking about the promises people made to me and how many times they kept it. For me a Promise means a lot no matter that promise was just on a small thing or big. Any promise registers my mind and keeps the space empty in it and fills it with beautiful memories and emotions when the promise was kept. And at this moment I don't want to discuss about broken promises because for me "A Promise should always be kept!!!" And the fact is those who care they always keep promises.
My phone is ringing.. Hmm some unknown number.. Let me pick it 
Ahhh I just forgot to pay my credit card bill and this was the reminder call for payment. I broke the promise of on time payment. Remember when we need to submit documents and we put our signature on few papers while applying for a new credit card ? Does that only check our identify and income ? There is hidden promise which we completely ignore and that is ON TIME PAYMENT of our bills.
They remind us to pay our bills if we have crossed a certain date then if we act our promise is kept. If we ignore they offer us some penalty and by doing that we can still keep our promises.Then also if we ignore DUDE you are in trouble they will be just behind us and our relationship with the Bank is screwed!!!But if we keep our promises we definitely get perks for it and even if we don't get we are out of debt. 
So here the point they reminded me and I immediately acted on it because I want my credit card and it is important to me. I acted because I wanted to, Otherwise I will ignore it. I will do it later.
Guess the same way we can define our personal relationship and some unspoken promises which were never so obvious to us until they reminded us. But after we know it , it is completely our wish to act on it or ignore it. 
At some point in life everything is based on necessity and priority let it be any relation. When we get married we sign on papers and many unspoken but obvious promises come with it. When we become parents we not only sign on our child's birth certificate but we sing on promises. 
We make many unspoken promises to our loved ones and sometimes they are not even clear to us at that time but when some one reminds us , its all in our own hands to act on it and to deny it. 
Every time we deny to something it takes the other person a lot of courage to come one step ahead and ask for the next try. Again if we deny and keep on denying it that gives a message which we either wanted or we were not aware of.
So , i completely twisted my credit card bill payment to relationships and promises. Does that make sense ??  
Hope the message is communicated !!!Maintain a Good and Healthy Life.
Stay Happy and Spread the Happiness!!! 
DO post your comments if you like/Unlike it. Any comments and suggestions are most welcome and pls keep on reading my blogs.

Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Last seen

Amanda and Francis were in a relationship from past 6 years. They used to be very fond of each other and they used to meet each other every evening while returning from work. Amanda was working as a Kindergarten teacher so she used to be busy whole day and Francis work was related with machinery and tools he was an engineer. He used to commute a long distance as his factory was a little out of town. They had a fixed place to meet up every evening and after spending few hours they used to go to a common friends place for dinner. Annabel used to prepare dinner for 20 people and this was her business , she used to run this small hotel in her garden and as she used to cook and serve herself so the number of people were countable. Annabel was running this business at home because of her grandma , who was very old and she needed all time care.

Amanda , Francis and Annabel were school mates. They used to visit each other's family very often and their houses were too close and in the same locality. They knew everything about each other and they shared the same tragedy.They knew each other from their dusk to dawn Though they used to be the most closest friends of all time they used to hesitate talking to each other upfront.Specially Francis he used to make reasons and step out.

One day Francis decided that when he and Amanda are so much in love its better to get married and spend all the time together and enough of meeting outside and eating Annabel food. He used to little hesitate every time when he used to go for dinner with Amanda at her place. He had always maintained a little distance in between them. So he decided to propose Amanda for marriage today.
It was late night so he thought not to call Amanda as she will walk down to her drawing room to receive the phone. It was 1889 and all that people could afford was a base phone in their drawing room for communication with the outer world.

Francis waited desperately till morning and he could not sleep whole night thinking how she would react on this. Though he already knew the answer but his inside desperation was making him more nervous. Having all these thoughts in his mind he slept in the morning at 5.00 am. Next day morning he could not wake up on time and he missed his office bus. He had to wait whole day to meet her beloved girl friend to propose her. Something came in his mind and thought till then he go and visit Amanda's house it might be possible she might be at home.

He dressed up nicely picked a flower from his garden and went straight to her house. With all his excitements and love and practicing the dialogues which he prepared last night to prose her he reached her home.When he reach there he saw a guy opening her house and entering. He had Amanda's key with him he knew the little teddy key chain she used to keep with her for her house keys. This means this man is not a thief and Amanda has given him these keys. Francis kept on watching what this man is doing here and all off a sudden he decided to leave this place. The guy who went inside Amanda's House also came outside with a sticky note in his hand. He closed the door and put that note on door. He left after that , Francis was getting very panic and angry why this man has got her house keys and what message he has left for Amanda here.

He went near the door and opened the sticky note and started reading it.

"Please come at meet me at below address Amanda"
"21 park View Near Christ Church"

Francis got so much angry on her that she has been dating this man and he is leaving this message for her. He just left from there and felt a little good about his decision to first visit her house. he threw the flower which he picked for her at her door and just left.

This was the last time he saw Amanda......

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Stay Happy and spread it too!!

Monday, 28 March 2016

A day in the life.

I'd like to think its soothing to float away to a world of your own where you are the architect of your visions making it a reality.
Can accomplish every feat and missed opportunities and right every wrong you did. Envision yourself as your mind sees fit... a nice visage.
A silent dripping noise mid slumber is both tranquil and annoying at the same time. Woke me up at 5 nonetheless from my trance giving me a rude
wake up call back as my reverie ended... bringing me back to the real world. How i do hate that sensation!

Went for a run on my usual beat while taking in fresh air and gazing at the stars between pauses. 
how small we are in the grand schemes of the universe i pondered.
From the tiniest atom to the largest of galaxies each molecule always at work so constant and tireless.
I feel my worries and troubles fade as looking at the stars always gives peace and a sense of realization to the soul.

Shortly after was a time for myself to return to my everyday three B's as i called em. Brush, Bathe and Breakfast time!
I played some of my favorite tracks on my way to work Neil Young's "Horse with no name" seemed fitting to boot.
The kid's seemed happy today as the day was shiny and bright. Always refreshing interacting with bright new minds which are always ready to learn and be filled with new knowledge. A feeling of satisfaction fills my being as i see myself ready to bestow new knowledge each day to those willing to learn from my experience. Like an artist who is ready to create on a fresh canvas..
The folks with their happy smiles take the kids home thereafter as i see them off with a content smile.

As the morning slips to noon and the noon slips into the night. I find myself back home unwinding and reflecting on the day passed.
I look back upon the day in a positive light as i fade away in my den recuperating for the upcoming day ahead.
All the while realizing father time never stops as he's always moving and always constant as he brings about change and i see and think of all the same
just as the saying goes "The world truly is your own Oyster".
I'd like to think "she" thought of it as well.

Little penny

A moment of joy and happiness when it is least expected gives us more pleasure. 

Today is a normal day like any other day for me same old routine. I woke up late as usual feeling very lazy and annoyed As usual. Every morning I wake up I know I have to go to office break my head for complete 8 hours I start feeling lazy about that. Plus today is 28th of month this makes me realize how important is my carrier when I see my bank account. It is empty and I have just enough money to buy petrol for three more days and reach office. The only thing which encourages me to work is my poor bank account, if you don't loose all your wealth nothing will ever make me to wake up early and reach office of course not on time.

haha Jokes apart we all love working , and we all should not because of money but for yourself. And it is true once you start earning you will never count your penny until it is End Of Month. No matter how big is your salary digit at end of month every one is same we all have only little penny left to survive.

Why I am talking about money by the way I have to go to office so today I decided to take my old handbag which I retired years ago. Hmm let me get ready first then I will arrange my handbag at last.
After getting ready I just picked my Identity card , my eyes means my spectacles and the little penny left for petrol and I left.

oh.. wait wait wait..I forgot to take my keys and again entered back home. I took my keys and kept in my handbag , I checked my handbag I found a yellow envelope. I really do not remember how this envelope came in my handbag. I opened the envelope and few photographs slipped off my hand , these were those pictures I clicked once and I took hard copies of it.

Photographs always make us smile and reminds us the moment when and how it was clicked. I checked all the pictures and then I opened the envelope to keep all the pictures safely. Oh My Gosh ...Two thousand rupees notes!!! How it came here? Ahh  I remembered the day I collected these pictures I forgot my wallet and I kept the money along with these photographs in this envelope.
This is a small smile in my today's busy day.

Be Positive and STAY HAPPY!!!
Thanks for reading. I request you to please share you experiences too on this blog and share your smile moment with us.

Thank you!